This is our newly developed filling machine . It has reached the international advanced level ,partial has exceeded the similar product . It is abroad , also certified by the world famous chemical magnate . This is a inline piston filling machine for cream and liquid ..It adopts PLC and touch screen control panel for control material . It is characterized by accurate measuring ,advanced structure ,stable operating ,low noise ,large adjusting range ,fast filling speed . It is also suitable for the filling of easy volatilization ,easy bubbly liquid strong corrosive liquid for rubber ,plastic,and high viscosity ,liquid ,semi-liquid . Operators adjust and meter figure in the touch screen control panel , also can adjust metering of each filling head . The external surface of this machine is made of excellent stainless steel . Good appearance , applied to GMP standard .

Servo Motor Driven Full Automatic Pneumatic Piston Shower Gel Filler






Capacity(bpm)base on 500ml12-1424-2836-4248-5660-7070-8080-100
Air Pressure(mpa)0.6

Filling machine, filling volume adjustment system adopt frequency motor, PLC and intelligent Touch Screen. Adopt motor forward and reserve motion to adjust the filling volume automatically, it’s very easy to adjust the filling volume. At the same time, there is a micro-adjustment device for each filling cylinder, ensure the filling precision of each container. There is individual air collector inside the machine, ensure the stable action of each filling head.

Linear Cap screw /Pressing Machine.

Bottle caps automatically goes into bottle caps slot by adopting cap-pulling device. In order to the machine can fit on capping on various bottle volumes, and considering multi-usages in this machine, so it is adjustable on machine design.

It has more advantages on well-structure, good outlook, small volume, low weight, wide using range, easy dismissible and maintenance, and low quotiety of bottle broken.

Servo Motor Driven Full Automatic Pneumatic Piston Shower Gel Filler

Short Description:

Accurate measurement: The servo control system to ensure that the total can reach a constant position of the piston.
Variable speed filling: In the filling process, when close to the target filling volume to achieve a slow speed can be applied when filling, to prevent fluid overflow bottle pollution.

Adjustment convenient: Replacement of filling in the specifications only in the touch screen you can change the parameters, and all the filling for the first time changes in place.