Detailed Product Description
Range:25-5000mlSpeed:<120bottles/minute (for 50-500ml)
Measurement Precision:±1%Rated Power:0.8KW
Working Voltage:220VWorking Air Pressure:6-7kg/cm²

Automatic Vinegar Time Gravity Liquid Filling Machine For Glass Bottle Soy Sauce Chili Juice Filling Machine

This machine adopts PLC programmable control with LCD touch screen system that uses pressure-type fixed flow parameters to control the pouring time to achieve different measurement filling. The device structure is simple,universal size bottles, bottle-shaped change without replacement of parts, adjustments can be. Widely used in fruit juice, soy sauce, vinegar, mineral water, pesticides, chemicals, detergents, oral liquid, disinfectant, cosmetics, lubricants and liquid filling and the like. Filling measurement precision, no bubbles, no dripping. 40-1000ml applicable to a variety of bottle-shaped (including special-shaped bottle) filling.

Developed technology:

1) The machine is suitable for filling containers of different sizes,filling volume can be switched within a few minutes.
2) The filling cycle is short, high production capacity
3) Replace the filling specifications without additional equipment, just to make the adjustment to complete.
4) Touch-operation color screen, can display the production conditions, operating procedures, filling methods.
5) Each filling head is provided with fix bottle device to ensure accurate alignment hopper.

Special filling method:

1) linear design selected packet into the bottle, the bottle way to make the filling function extend various forms of container, can effectively filling in the unit.
2) Use the international advanced gas filling valve, filling process to ensure that no leakage, no hanging Festival.
3) Powerful PLC software support, can achieve the desired filling operations.
4) Friendly man-machine interface, the operations are completed on the touch color screen.

Precise filling volume control:

1)Filling use fixed sprue parameter to control the filling time to achieve different metering filling.
2)The pneumatic valve filling exact time can be set to 0.01 seconds, make the measurement precision control of ± 1% error range, to reduce unnecessary material loss and enhance the economic benefits the user.
3)Metering of each filling head can be individually adjusted to achieve consistent filling measurement.
4)The machine is set into the bottle count program, no bottle, no filling count is not in place, only when the counter records the number of bottles to be consistent with the number of filling bottles set only start filling.
5)The number of filling volume can be adjusted at the beginning of the desired filling volume, and then fine-tune, you can get the ideal filling measurement precision.

Technological parame
Speed<120bottles/minute (for 50-500ml)
Measurement precision±1%
Rated power0.8KW
Working voltage220V
Working air pressure6-7kg/cm²
Air-consuming amount0.5m³/minute
Net weight650kg
Contour Sizes2000×870×1900mm

After-sales Service:
(1) Under stable voltage, the machines' quality that we sold will be guaranteed for 1 year
(2) Long time technology will be supplied.
(3) We can dispatch our engineer to your side for installing and debugging machines. Engineer's round-trip tickets, accommodation, and your side traveling fee will be charged by you. Engineer's salary will be USD60.00/day/person.
We can also supply training process for your engineers who come to china, so you can fit and debug machines by yourself.