Hand sanitizer filling machine Brief Introduction

Applied for all kinds of materials or irregular bottles from 60ml,100ml & 200ml ,which have bolder. the machine can wash the bottle inside and outside .

Adopt two times of water and one time of air to washing bottle (drinking water-WFI purified compressed air and make bottle comply with requirement and dry .

Plastic Bottle Filling Machine for Instant Hand Sanitizer

Main Technical Parameters

Customer Bottles60ml, 100ml & 200ml
Productive Capacity30-80bottles/min
Power Supply380V 50HZ
Water Consumption0.6-1t/h
Compressed Air15m³/h  0.3-0.4kg/cm³
Net Weight500kg

Automatic Filling + Capping Machine + Capping nozzles Cap vibrator

Uses And Introduction 

This machine is one of the traditional filling and capping equipment, advanced design, reasonable structure, can automatically complete filling and capping process, is suitable for the liquid ,such like perfume, syrup, tincture, alcohol,wine a variety of materials such as,and other functions. Can be used stand-alone, and also can be used for filling line. This machine completely accords with the new GMP requirements and EU certification.

Automatic 6 Wheels Linear Trigger Capping Machine 3


  1. The parts which contact liquid are SUS316L stainless steel and others are SUS304 stainless steel
  2. It has intuitive and convenient operation, measuring accurate, positioning precision
  3. Three knife centrifugal sealing, to ensure the sealing strong and beautiful
  4. Fully in accordance with the GMP standard production

Main Technical Parameters

Customer Bottle60ml,100ml & 200ml
Productive Capacity60-80pcs/min
Filling Tolerance0-2%
Qualified Stoppering≥99%
Qualified cap putting≥99%
Qualified capping≥99%
Power Supply380V ,50HZ
Net Weight600KG

 Automatic Labeling Machine


widely used in medicine, food, beverage and other industries in the cylindrical object or the week half cycle of the automatic labeling requirements

Automatic Round Bottle Sticker Labeling Machine6

Function characteristics:

  • Intelligent control, automatic photoelectric tracking, have any label, no standard automatic correction and label automatic detection function, prevent leakage and labels to waste
  • High stability, PLC + Touch screen +Servo motor and advanced electronic control system of electric eye, 7 x 24 hours support equipment operation
  • Easy adjustment,labeling speed, transmission speed, bottle can realize stepless speed regulation, according to the need to adjust
  • Main material is made of stainless steel equipment and advanced aluminum alloy manufacturing, comply with GMP requirement

Main technical Parameters

VoltageAC110/220V, 50/60HZ
Labeling Speed20-100pcs/min
Object Size30-280 mm (H), 20-150 mm (W)
Label Size25-300 mm (L), 20-180 mm (W)
Driving ModeServo motor
Labeling Accuracy±1mm (depend on the evenness of the plane)
Printer to use air5kg/cm2
Roll SizeΦ76 mm,Φ300 mm
Dimension2000 mm(L)×1000mm(W)×1360mm(H)

Automatic bottle turntable Introduction

This unscramble bottle machine is the artificial bottles in the round table, wheel rotation will have to dial the conveyor belt into the bottle, into thefilling machine for filling. Easy to use, simple operation is one of the indispensable link

Applicable specifications20-1000 ml
Bottle diameter900mm
Production capacity0-80 BPM (speed adjustable)
Voltage220 v50hz
Power0.5 kw
Machine size1300*1000*1300mm
Stainless steelSUS304 material