All the contacted part with the material is high quality stainless steel SS304/316, adopts piston pump for filling. By adjusting the position pump, it can fill all of the bottles in one filling machine, with quick speed and high precision.The filling machine adopts computer automatic control system and full touch screen control. The production process is safe, hygienic, easy to operate and convenient for manual automatic switching.


1. The filling machine use piston pump to fill ,suitable for all kinds of materials ,high precision . The structure of pump adopts shortcut dismantling organ, convenient to wash, sterilize.

2. The piston ring of volumetric injection pump use different material of silicone, polyflon or other kinds according to sauce characteristic.

3. The machine will stop filling without bottle, count bottle quantity automatically.

4. Filling head adopts rotary valve piston pump with the function of anti-draw and anti-dropping.

5. The whole machine is suitable bottles in different size, easy adjusting, and can be finished in short time.


Piston Automatic 100ml-1l Marmalade Jam Servo Motor Filling Machine

1) Widely used in chemical, daily chemical, petro chemical, medicine, pesticide, food, beverage industries etc.

2) To fill liquid products, such as water, oral liquid, physic liquid, cosmetic liquid, milk, chemical liquid, pesticide liquid, drink etc.

3) Automatic type, can work with other machine, such as capping machine, labeling machine etc.

4) The machine is produced according to GMP standards and meets international standards.

Piston Automatic 100ml-1l Marmalade Jam Servo Motor Filling Machine

High Pressure Endure SS Hose and Sanization Filling Head
1. Food grade 304ss hose with FDA Certified
2. Shut off filling heads
3. With drop collection tray
4. High filling accuracy
5. Diving Nozzles are optional for bubble sauce,like honey
6. 304SS Food contruction,no dead corner
7. High quality and food grad O rings and seals inside of the nozzles

Filling method

Filling method:

1) Adopts piston + servo motor driven. High precision filling machine, which can adjust the filling volume according to the different volume of bottles.
2) Can fill liquid or high viscosity liquid products, high precision and stability.


Bottle neck holder:

1) Structure compact, used for different bottles and changeable bottle.
2) We adjust the machine instead of replacement parts when we change bottle condition.

PLC + touch screen

PLC + touch screen:

1) Adopt PLC + touch screen control system.
2) Easy to adjust the filling volume.
3) E-stop button can stop machine right away once the machine has any problem.
4) It is applicable for different shaped bottles,easy to adjust for different bottles.