Product Description:

The Liquid filling machine is suitable for bottle filling in pharmaceutical industry.The machine for automatic quantitative filling stoppering machine, mainly on the design adopts pneumatic linear motion way, using the programmable controller (PLC) and various detection sensor and the cylinder and time lag, the container stopped at a filling position, for filling is completed, will have been packing container release, at the same time will not fill the container to fill positions;Finished packing container location via conveyor belt conveyor to gasser stoppered, gasser and sent out again by the conveyor belt.So action, to achieve the effect of automatic filling barging.

Pharmaceutical Vials Filling Capping Machine for Medicine Liquid

This machine can be applied to more than 20 mm diameter of antimicrobial molded, glass or plastic bottles.

Bottle: press control antibiotic glass bottle, "molded antibiotic glass bottle" standard requirements.

Stopper: according to the antibiotics rubber bottle stopper standard requirement.


This oral liquid filling and capping machine is our traditional product, and as to customers' needs, we had some innovation for this machine. The positioning & tracing filling are adopted for 6 / 8 / 12 / 16 needles filling & capping machine, and the productivity can satisfy the user. The pass rate is high. And as to customers' requirement, the washing/ drying linkage production line or unit
machine can be connected.

Pharmaceutical Vials Filling Capping Machine for Medicine Liquid

Technical Parameters
Voltage380V/220V 50Hz
Bottle volume5-25ml
Total power6Kw
Productivity150-200bottles/min(base on 5ml vial)
Filling errorNot more than ±2%
Bottle breaking rateNot more than 0.1%
Pass rate of capping & sealingNot less than 98%
Total weightAbout 800kg

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Pharmaceutical Vials Filling Capping Machine for Medicine Liquid

The plug is sucked into each of the suction teeth by vacuum, and the suction disk rotates synchronously with the star wheel. When it reaches a certain position, the suction tray is automatically deflated, and the stopper is added to the bottle mouth to complete the full stopper and the half stopper. Full and half-plug adjustment is convenient, and the hand wheel can be adjusted by adding the plug.

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