Detailed Product Description
Nozzle Number:8 PCSFilling Volume:100-5000 Ml
Production Capacity:3000-5000 Bottle/hQuantitative Error:≤0.5%
Consumed Power:9kwGas Supply Pressure:0.55-0.8MPA

Automatic Linear Rotor Pump Filling Machine With Servo-Driven Pump Filling Machine For Liquid Paste Cream Sauce

Servo rotor pump Fillers have their place in the filling world. Rotor pump Fillers can fill faster than piston filler because there is no recharge time for the pump. It is ready to fill immediately after the previous fill has been completed. It is an ideal filling machine for liquid, sticky cream, paste with small granules etc.

The rotor pump is available as single pump systems or multiple pump systems There are many applications for these machines, and they are commonly used as depositors applying spot deposits on dough sheet lines, or ribbon stripers to apply fruit slurry stripes on dough sheeters. They are also used in conjunction with a conveyor line as liquid or sauce fillers on in-line bottle filling systems with a conveyor.

Engineered for accuracy
Built for reliability and speed
Designed for ease of use
Automatic Servo Rotor Pump Filling Machine

Brief Introduction :

This filling machine is rotor pump type filling machine, use sanitary stainless steel rotor pump for filling, and the filling system is driven by servo motor to assure filling accuracy.
It is a good choice for filling high viscidity cream product like mayonnaise, sauce , jam etc of foodstuff, cosmetic, chemical industries.


  1. The machine is made up of 304 stainless steel .
  2. It is controlled by PLC and operation through touch screen.
  3. Filling volume is set on the touch screen directly.
  4. Anti-leakage filling head, no drops.
  5. variable speed filling speed, when filling head close to bottle neck,can set slower filling speed to avoid splash.
  6. Ok for filling viscous cream with small granules from 10-30000cps
  7. Filling head quantity can be custom-made according to production capacity.
  8. Big filling range from 100-5000ml.
  9. Fast-install connect parts easy to dismantle for clean.

Main Parameter:

Nozzle NumberPCS8
Filling volumeMl100-5000
Production capacityBottle/h3000-5000
Quantitative error%≤0.5%
Source voltageVThree-phase four-wire system AC220V 380V ±10%
Consumed powerKW9
Gas supply pressureMPA0.55-0.8
Air consumptionM3/min0.8