Liner type Coconut Butter Filling Machine started since beginning, bottle unscrambler, bottle cleaning, product filling, bottle capping, labeling, till end of line wrapping, sealing, packaging. It's a fully automatic system only need a supervisor to watch complete line automatic working. Well saved client's labor cost and highly improved production efficiency. There are many models can fill various sizes of container from 50ml-5000ml, The models are able to handling various viscosity product from fluid to viscous product.From company established to today, NPACK's piston filling system has been serving for condiments, mayonnaise, sauce, fruit paste, edible oil, lubricant, cosmetics, cream, honey, e-liquid, essentials, hand washer, shampoo and more industry.


What determined the piston filling machine's capacity?

In general, number of filling nozzles is the key to determine the capacity of your filling machine, which has directly influence on filling capacity by hour in actual production.

Beside filling nozzles, the size of mouth of filling head is also a key to affect filling speed. And other details like bottle size, product viscosity, neck mouth, conveyor speed, etc. NPACK's engineer will make all the details best before shipping to client's site.

Capacity base on 500ml12-14 bpm24-28 bpm36-42 bpm48-56 bpm60-70 bpm70-80 bpm80-100 bpm
Air Pressure(mpa)0.6

Linear Type Automatic Piston Coconut Butter Filling Machine

What determined the piston filling machine's filling range?

The piston size and volume determine a piston filling machine's filling range.The bigger piston you build, the higher filling volume. But not means you could fill small volume bottle by a big volume piston. For example, a 5L volume piston only can fill 500ml-5000ml bottle, you couldn't make it to fill 100ml bottle as well. So before build the machine, NPACK's engineer must confirm all the requirment with client to avoid future's trouble.

How to adjust the machine:

1. To replace different types of bottles, the mechanical position of the filling bottle cylinder, the filling bottle cylinder, the filling bottle electric eye, the filling bottle electric eye, the bottle cylinder and the filling nozzle must be adjusted.

2. Filling the bottle with the electric eye must be aligned with the bottleneck of the last bottle. That is, when the bottle is automatically run, the 8th bottle must be placed in the range of the electric eye to be filled into the bottle. The bottle is not cut until the time set by the “Pilling Time” (set in the “Parameter Setting” of the HMI) is reached before the electric eye.

3. Filling and filling the bottle electric eye is installed in the slightly right position of the cylinder of the bottle. When the bottle is started, the cylinder of the bottle is extended, and the cylinder of the filling bottle is retracted; after a number of bottles (which can be set in the “out of the bottle interval” of the human-machine interface), the bottle is retracted and the bottle is started. After all the bottles have gone out (after filling out the bottle electric eyes), the filling bottle cylinders are extended.

4. When filling the bottle and discharging the bottle, the electric eye must be counted in 8 numbers before proceeding to the next step. The user can observe whether the number of bottles and bottles is 8 in the automatic operation screen of the man-machine interface.