Detailed Product Description

Bottle Size:Thickness 20-125mm : Height≤300mmSpeed:46m/min
Precision:±1.0mmControl Type:PLC

Bottle Front & Back Labeler Automatic DetergenLabeling Machine With Double Side Label Front And Back Label Self-adhesive

Front & Back Labeler for Bottles

Products are fed into a feed screw, used to space products as well as aligning oval shaped products. Labels are applied to the side of the container using two decorative labeling heads. Utilizing stepper motors, PLC controls and a self-teaching label sensor, the system provides a reliable and flexible labeling solution.

The front and back labeler for bottles has optional remote display mounting and thermal transfer or hot stamp for date/lot coding. With heavy duty aluminum plate and stainless steel construction, the front and back labeler for bottles is dependable and durable.

Standard Features

  • Self Set Auto Adjusting Control System
  • Stainless Steel Frame on lockable casters
  • Stainless Steel flat bed conveyor with 3-1/4" wide table top chain
  • 25-Key Hand Held Terminal with LCD Display
  • Label head with up to ± 1/32" accuracy and Integrated Wrap Station
  • Label Sensor for Paper or Opaque Labels
  • 12" Long Wrap Station
  • Product Sensor with Opaque and Clear Bottle Mode
  • Variable Speed Separator Wheel
  • Capacity: up to 175 bottles per minute (BPM)
  • ISO 9001:2000 Certified

Container Specifications

Bottle Height2 to 16 in
51 to 406 mm
Bottle Width11/2 to 6-1/4 in
13 to 159 mm
Bottle Length1/2 to 12 in
13 to 305 mm
1 Dependent on conveyor width.

Label Specifications

Label Width/Height15/8 to 9 in
16 to 229 mm
Label Length5/8 to 12 in
16 to 305 mm
Maximum Label Roll214 in
356 mm
Maximum Label Head Dispense Speed23 m/min
1 Dependent on labeling head type.
2 Outside diameter with 3" core

Machine Specifications

Conveyor Width3-1/2 in (Standard)
6 in (Optional)
Conveyor Length94-1/2 in (Standard)
Conveyor Bed Height36 in (± 2 in) (Standard)
Machine Weight324 kg

Air/Electrical Requirements

Power110 V (Standard)
220 V (Optional)
Current5 A
Air Consumption4 ft³/min

Available Options

PrintingHot Stamp (Lot/Date Coding)
Integrated Thermal Encoder (Lot/Date, Bar Code and Graphics)
AssembliesAdjustable Tilt for Tapered Bottles
Chain alignment
Clear Label Sensor
Feed Screw
Infeed and Outfeed Conveyor Extensions
Loading and Collecting Turn Tables
Low Label (Factory Installed Only)
Push and Press
Raised Sanitary Bed conveyor (Factory installed only)

Specification Notes

Dimensions shown are for standard machine. Conveyor can be extended or length may vary based on options selected. This labeler can run independently or be integrated into an automated packaging line.