Our Oil Filling Machine is suitable for liquid without carbonated, semi-fluid qualitative filling. Counting of bottles inlet qualitative filling, bottles outlet is done automatically. Especially suitable for SL, EC, SC, edible oil, lubrication oil. It is an ideal equipment for foodstuff, medical, cosmetic, fine chemical, pesticide industries.

The whole machine uses the in-line structure and it is driven by the servo motor. Volumetric filling principle can realize the high precision of filling. It is controlled by the PLC, human interface and easy operation. The machine is equipped with electric scale weight feedback system which makes the volume adjustment easier. It is a nice choice for foodstuff, pharmacy, cosmetic and chemical industries.

1. It adopts advanced mechanical and electrical integration technology. Any filling specification can easily be done by changing parameters in touch screen. Not only the filling volume of 20 filling heads can be changed substantially, but also each filling head volume can be changed finely.

2. With touch screen technologies, which make operation of machine steadier, convenient, the human machine interface is more friendly. Photoelectric sensor, approaching switch and other elements are using international famous brand. No bottle no filling, the machine can stop automatically and alarm when bottles get blocked.

3. It uses the method of submerging filling; various sealing rings used can meet different characteristics of products requirements.

4. The design and production of this machine is in accordance with GMP standard requirements. Easily dismantle, clean and maintain. The parts which contact filling products are made of high quality stainless steel. The whole machine is safe, environmental, sanitary, adapting to various kinds of working places.

The automatic lubricating oil filling equipment used PLC program control, it can feed and count the bottle, auto tare weighing automatically. This automatic lubricating oil filling equipment always used for high request of measure, such a lubricating oil, daily chemical, chemical products and high extra value liquid weighing filling machine. The lubricant oil filling machine has high degree of automation, accurate measure. Each filling head has automatic wighting feedback system. Filling volume can be adjusted uniformly or individually to make sure measure are same.Whole machine manufactured according to GWP standard request, all joints uses easy joint ways, easy to disassemble and clean.Material contact surface used 316 stainless steel, other parts are all made of 304. NPACK is Manufacturer and Suppliers in China,and specialized in providing you with automatic lubricating oil filling equipment, lubricant filling machine and so on.

One Heads Bottle Capping Machine

One Heads Bottle Capping Machine / ROPP Aluminum Screw Cap Crimping Machine

Detailed Product Description Bottle: Round/square/flat Caps: Aluminum Screw Caps Speed: 30-50b/m,60-100b/m Pressing Rate: ≥98% Capping Rate: ≥98% Power: 1.2KW Automatic One Heads Roll On Pilfer Proof (ROPP) Crimping Machine For Aluminum Cap Bottle ROPP Cap Crimping Machine Capper ROPP Capper is a Roll Over Pilfer Proof capper designed to thread ...
Dust - Proof Auto Paste Filling Machine For Organic Liquid / Bio Fertilizer

Dust – Proof Auto Paste Filling Machine For Organic Liquid / Bio Fertilizer

Detailed Product Description Filling Volume: 100-1000ml Filling Capacity: 1000-5000BPH Filling Precision: Plastic Bottle And Glass Bottle Power: 1.5KW Net Weight: 800KG Dimension: 2300mm(L)X1500mm(W)X1900mm(H) Pesticide Fertilizer Liquid 8 Filling Nozzles Automatic Filling Machine for Organic Liquid Fertilizer, Bio Fertilizer, Seaweed Liquid Our Fertilizer liquid filling machines are designed to meet the changing needs ...
Piston Intellectual Injection Filling Machine For 0.5-5L Bottle / Tin Cans

Piston Intellectual Injection Filling Machine For 0.5-5L Bottle / Tin Cans

Detailed Product Description Name: Automatic Piston Filling Machine Model: SFC-10 Power Supply: 220V Single Phase 50HZ 380V Three Phase 50HZ Weight: 800kg Dimension: 2200*1400*2300mm Filling Speed: 30b/min Per Automatic Piston Filling Machine Intellectual Injection Viscous Liquid Filler With 10 Filling Heads For 0.5-5L The SFC Series piston filling machines are ...

250ml-5000ml Edible / Lube Oil Filling Machine With 3000-4500bph High Filling Speed

Detailed Product Description Filling Head: 12 Filling Volume: 50-100ml (the Fill Arrange Max Can Be Small Volume : Max Volume =1:10) Filling Type: Piston Filling Speed: 3000-4500bph Conveyor Speed: 5-15meter/min Size: 2000mm × 1300mm × 2200mm 12 Head Nozzle 250ml-5000ml Oil Filling Machine For Filling Edible , Lube oil , ...
High Precision Lubricant Engine Oil Filling Machine 8 Nozzles For Mechanical Industry

High Precision Lubricant Engine Oil Filling Machine 8 Nozzles For Mechanical Industry

Detailed Product Description Name: Engine Oil Lubricant Filling Machine Filling Nozzles: 8 Filling System: Piston Pump Filling Range: 1L-5L Filling Speed: 2000-6000b/h Filling Precision: ±0.5-1% Automatic Engine Oil Lubricant Filling Machine With Servo Driven Motor Engine Oil Filling Machine For Linear 8 Nozzles Product: Engine Oil/Motor Oil/Lubricant /Filling in: Bottles/Containers ...
100ml - 1L  Liquid Filling Machine for Shampo/Lotion/Soap

100ml – 1L Liquid Filling Machine for Shampo/Lotion/Soap

♦ Detailed Product Description Packaging Type: Barrel, Bottles, Cans, Capsule, Cartons, Stand-up Pouch Packaging Material: Glass, Metal, Paper, Plastic, Wood, Other Application: Apparel, Beverage, Chemical, Commodity, Food, Machinery & Hardware, Medical, Textiles Driven Type: Mechanical Voltage: 220V/380V Power: 4KW Dimension(L*W*H): 2500*1400*2500mm Weight: 1200kg Name: Insecticide Bottle Filling Machine Control: Servo ...