This series of automatic nail polish filling machinery has incorporated the operations of auto filling, brush mounting, and capping together. It adopts a bottle positioning system for the filling part to make it easier for the filling nozzle to enter the bottles, which was sometimes failed by the large deviation of nail polish container dimension. With the pump from HIBAR for bottle feeding, users can customize the desired filling volume and place the storing tanks at random. Besides, this auto filling machine for nail polish will stop filling or capping when there is an absence of bottle or brush.

High Reliability Nail Polish Filling Machine / Monoblock Filling Machine Capacity 60BPM

Automatic Nail Polish Filling Line, Nail Polish Capping Machine, Auto Nail Polish Packaging Line, Automatic Nail Polish Packaging Equipment


  • Automatic 5-30ml glass bottle filling machine, Small size, reasonable design, easy operation, stable performance, low failure rate;
  • The whole machine is made of high-quality stainless steel. The 304/316L stainless steel material is used in contact with the material to meet the GMP hygienic requirements.
  • Filling mouth adopts pneumatic drip-proof device, filling no wire drawing, no dripping;
  • There are filling volume adjustment handles, filling speed adjustment knobs, which can adjust the filling volume and filling speed arbitrarily; the filling precision is high;
  • According to the requirements of the environment, it can be changed to a full-air-explosion-proof type. It is completely de-energized and safer.

Technical Parameters

Main motor power0.75kw
Production capacity50 pcs/min
Filling volume5-20 ml
Air supply pressure0.6-0.8 MPa
Dimension (mm)175*1650*1820


Our automatic nail polish filling equipment have found applications in nail polish, nail glue, mascara, and other cosmetics products.

Control system composes of:

Stainless steel panel control with strong stainless steel tubular holding post.

Emergency switch on the panel control.

Machine controlled with P.L.C. Siemens.

Weinview human-computer interface.

Normal machine operation.

Alarm display.

Possibility to have difference language interface..

High Reliability Nail Polish Filling Machine / Monoblock Filling Machine Capacity 60BPM

This 5-30ml glass bottle filling machine is suitable for the filling small volume bottle products, such as eyedrop, e cigarette, essential oil, nail polish, toner lotion etc.we customize machine according to customers' request and's widely used in food,beverage,cosmetics industries.

The equipment is ideal for filling small volume bottles, we customize machine for different size and shape of bottles.both glass and plastic are OK.It is widely used in Food (olive oil, honey etc.) Beverage( juice, E juice). Cosmetics (essential oil,perfume, nail polish etc) chemical (glass adhesive, sealant, white latex, etc.) industries etc.