Detailed Product Description
Bottle Filling Machine:1Capping Machine:1
Front & Back Labeling Machine:1Carton Erector:1
Carton Packaging Machine:1Carton Sealing Machine:1

Hand Wash Viscous Liquid Filling Machine Soap Liquid Bottle Filling Line With Bottle Unscrambler, Liquid Filling Machine,Bottle Capping Machine


Suitable for Hand Wash Liquid filling, capping, labeling and cartoning.

Air Pressure: 0.4~0.6MPa

Capacity: 2,000-5,000 BPH

Filling Volume: 0~5L

Required Operator: 3-4 workers

Equipment Noise: ≤80dB

Also suitable for

Food: Jam, Sauce, Paste, Honey, Chili Sauce, Ketchup, Edible oil, Olive oil, Salad Dressing, Salsa, Barbecue Sauce.

Pharmaceutical: Liquid vitamins, E-liquid, Peroxide, Syrup, Eye drops, Fish oil, Nasal spray, Alcohol, Lotion.

Daily Chemical: Liquid soap, Cleaning Chemical, Laundry liquid, Toilet Cleaning Agent, Dish Detergent, Detergent, Cleaning Fluid, Bleach, Disinfectant.

Personal Care: Shampoo, Hair Care, Hair Gel, Lotion, Lip Balm, Nail Polish, Shower Gel, Hand Soap, Hand Cream, Body Lotion, Cream, Perfume.

Agrochemical: Pesticide, Fertilizer, Herbicide, Paraquat, Imazethapyr, Bactericide, Rodenticide.

Chemical: Corrosive Product, Fuel, Lubricating oil, Antifreeze, Brake Fluid, Paint, Coating, Glue, Adhesive, Additive.

Filling and capping machine

This production line is designed for daily chemical products such as wood floor wax care(high viscosity), toilet cleaning, table wash, etc. As its special designed, which can be suitable for high viscous products, non-viscous products, strong alkali products, foamy products in one unit.

Piston Filling Machine:

Major characteristics:
1. PLC controlled, High AUTO
2. Fast washable piston cylinder
3. Components marked with NO., easy and fast maintenance
4. Adjustable filling volume

Technical parameter:
1. Machine dimension (L×W×H):2000mm×1200mm×2200mm
2. No. of filling head:8
3. Suitable bottle size (abnormal bottles can also be valid)
4. Diameter of bottle mouth:≥φ18mm
5. Suitable filling range:≤1000ml
6. Production capacity:≤ 4000 bottles/hour (tested by water)
7. Error range:±1%
8. Power supply :AC 220V; 50Hz
9. Power :2Kw 10. Pneumatic(air-operated)source:0.6 Mpa clean and stable compressed air

Pump Cap Capping Machine:

Major characteristics:
1. Capping qualified rate can reach 98%
2. Auto cap grasping and capping
3. Can be equipped with rejecting device
4. China domestic advanced machinery
Technical Parameters:
1. Overal dimension(L×W×H): 2000mm×1600mm×2600mm
2. Machine weight: 4500Kg
3. Suitable pump caps(can be customized)
Diameter of pump cap: 30mm
Length of pump cap: ≤250mm
4. Number of capping heads: 8(can be customized)
5. Capacity:≤5000containers/hour
6. Torque control: ±0.3Nm
7. Qualified rate of capping: ≥98%(Container mouth center deviation less than 1mm, Container mouth face height deviation less than 1mm)
8. Power supply: AC 380V,50Hz
9. Machine power: 4Kw
10. Air operated source: 0.6Mpa clean and stable compressed air


Bottle feeding machine, Full automatic bottle unscrambler

Bottle rinsing machine-air rinser, Bottle rinsing machine-wet rinser

Servo type piston filling machine, Gravity liquid filling machine, Corrosive liquid filling machine

Linear Capping machine, Rotary Capping machine, Cap pressing machine, Crimping machine

Induction sealer

Round bottle labeling machine, Front & back labeling machine, Sleeve labeling machine

Ink jet printer

Shrink packing machine

Carton erector

Carton packaging machine

Carton sealing machine


Famous brand electrical part

Air SwitchSchneiderFrance
CAM indexerShangdongChina
TurntablePlastic POMJapan
Touch screenSiemensGermany
Servo motorDeltaTaiwan


1---Any machine in stock?

For semi automatice machine, we have some in stock. It can ship within 7-10 working days. For automatic machine, all have no stock. Automatic machines are custom-made according to your bottles and caps.

2---What is the lead time?
For single machine, it takes from 20~35 working days. For whole filling line, it takes from 50~60 working days. (from the day we have the downpayment and sample bottle and caps)

3---Can you help the shipment? Ship from which port?
Yes, we can help to the shipment, just tell us the name of sea port in your side. If by air, it is from Shanghai International Airport. If by sea, it is from Shanghai or Ningbo. And other seaport of China are accepted.

4---The payment?
By TT. 50% in advance as downpayment , 50% balance before shipping.

5---can we visit factory to check machines firstly, then place order?
Sure, welcome to visit us!

After-sales Service:

(1) Under stable voltage, the machines' quality that we sold will be guaranteed for 12months
(2) Long time technology will be supplied.
(3) We can send our engineer to your side for installing and debugging machines and training your people. Engineer's round-trip tickets, accommodation, daily allowance USD80.00/day/person, and your side traveling fee will be charged by you.
We can also supply training process for your engineers who come to china, so you can fit and debug machines by yourself.