Automatic cream filling machine line


The automatic cream filling machine combines functions , such as automatic bottle picking, negative ion air cleani, servo filling, automatic pick and place inner pads, automatic pick and place caps, automatic torque capping, and automatic bottle clipping transition. The equipment has a high degree of automatic level and just occupy a small footprint.

Fully Automatic Cosmetic Cream Filling Line/Gel Filling Capping Machine


1. Manually put bottles on the feeding conveyor, then automatically picked by mechanic arm to production conveyor

2. 2 sets of Japan imported negative ion generators and electrostatic dedusting systems.

3. Adopts double-nozzle filling process , and one servo system control one filling nozzle with high precision.

4. All material tanks are equipped with independent ultrasonic sensors. This device uses the principle of distance detection to monitor the liquid level, more accurate without direct contact with the material, also meets GMP requirements.

5. This equipment contains an automatic feeding function. This system includes two sets of check valves and a set of pumping cylinders. The pumping cylinders pull the materials into the cylinder and then drive the materials into the tank through the three-way valve. (Using pressurized material box design)

6. Includes two sets of production change carts (which includes a set of feeding pump, piston cylinder, filling pipe,
material tank, valve, etc..), which can realize quick production change

7. Claw-type screw capping, wide universal range, the built-in soft silicone material to ensure no scratches ,the servo motor screw capping are also applied, the torque can be adjusted directly in HMI with one button, convenient and quick.

8. Automatic bottle out, automatic rejection of non-conforming products

Fully Automatic Cosmetic Cream Filling Line/Gel Filling Capping Machine

Main technical parameters:

1, Production capacity: >= 50BPM (take 50g cream product as an example)
2, Filling accuracy: ± 0.5g (15-100ml), ± 1g (101-200ml)
3, Filling viscosity: (25 ° C): ≥10,000mPa.s, ≤100,000mPa.s (viscometer)
4, Applicable bottle diameter: Φ35-90mm (can be customized according to customer packaging materials)
5, Applicable bottle height: 35-95mm (can be customized according to customer packaging materials)
6, Power source: ~ 380 V, 50 Hz (three-phase five-wire system)
7, Power: 6 KW
8, Host dimensions: L4500 ×W 2000 × H2000 mm
9, Machine weight: about 850Kg

Fully Automatic Cosmetic Cream Filling Line/Gel Filling Capping Machine

Device configuration table:

1Programmable ControllersSchneider
2touch screenSchneider
3Frequency converterSchneider
4server systemSchneider
5Detection photoelectricSICK
7The electromagnetic valveF-TEC

After-sales service: 

We guarantee the quality of the main parts within 12 months. If the main parts go wrong without artificial factors within one year, we will freely provide new one or maintain them for you. After one year, if you need to change parts, we will kindly provide you with the best price or maintain it at your site. Whenever you have technical question in using it, we will freely do our best to support you.

Guarantee of quality: 

The Manufacturer shall guarantee the goods are made of Manufacturer's best materials, with first class workmanship, brand new, unused and correspond in all respects with the quality, specification and performance as stipulated in this Contract. Quality guarantee period is within 12 months from B/L date. The Manufacturer would repair the contracted machines free of charge during the quality guarantee period. If the break-down can be due to the improper use or other reasons by the buyer, the Manufacturer will collect repair parts cost.

Installation and Debugging: 

The seller would dispatch his engineers to instruct the installation and debugging. Cost would be covered by buyer's side (round way flight tickets, accommodation fees in buyer country). The buyer should provide his site assistance for the installation and debugging.


Q1. Are you manufactory?
A1: Yes, We are manufactory of filling-capping-labeling-bottle washing machine, and complete line, Our factory is located in Shanghai.

Q2. What's the payment terms and trade terms for new customers?
A2: Payment terms: T/T, D/P, etc.
Trade terms: EXW, FOB, CIF. 

Q3: What's the Minimum Order Quantity and warranty?
A3: MOQ: 1 set
Warranty: We offer you high quality machines with 12 months guarantee and offer technical support on time

Q4: Do you provide customized service?
A4: Yes, We have professional engineers whom have rich experience in this industry for many years, they will offer professional proposals according to your detail requirement, make sure to fulfill your needs