Detailed Product Description
Power Supply:AC 220V ; 50HzPower Capacity:1.2kw
Labeling Speed:0~26m/minuteInside Diameter Of The Roll:75mm
Maximum Outside Diameter Of The Roll:350mmStandard Height Of The Labels:Below 130mm

Automatic Rotary High Speed Round Bottle Labeling Machine Up To 300 BPM With Servo Driven

Major Characteristics:
This type of machine is suited for any round or cylinder bottles labeling. It has PLC control program, easy operating, super touch screen, easy reading, and good apperance.
The total machine is made of stainless steel and aluminum alloy, rustless, conforming to GMP standard.


  1. Adhesive labeling machine suitable for mass production.
  2. Adhesive labeling machine is used for outside of round and flat bottles.
  3. Small structure takes up less space and easy to move and load
  4. Good labeling precision and stability, no wrinkle, no bubble
  5. It has powerful function. It can achieve circumferential postion labeling and non-position labeling easily by switch control.
  6. Adhesive labeling machine is easy to use and adjust. The new workers can use or adjust it easily after simple training.
  7. Conveyer parts are completely covered to avoid the abnormal conditions which make the use safer.
  8. The clever design which allow user to mechanically adjust some structure combination and label winding, makes it easy to adjust the labeling position freely. All these make it easy to change products and wind labels.
  9. Adhesive labeling machine is mainly made of stainless steel and high level aluminum alloy. The whole structure is strong and harmonious.
  10. Automatic labeling machine with large touch screen, easy to operate.
  11. Servo moter is adopted, and the labeling precision is enhanced when the speed is increased. The machine performance is more stable.
  12. Automatic labeling machine With 10groups of labeling parameter memorizes can realize fase sample changing.
  13. The automatic labeling machine is made of high class stainless steel and aluminum alloy using anodizing treatment. It will never rust, which confirms to GMP requirement.
  14. Adhesive labeling machine has simple structure, compact structure, convenient operation and maintenance.
  15. Its back side can connect production line, can also be equipped with receiving turntable and be able to facilitate product of collecting, sorting and packing.

Main Performance parameter:

1Power supplyAC 220V ; 50Hz
2power capacity1.2kw
3Labeling Speed0~26m/minute
4Inside diameter of the roll75mm
5Maximum outside diameter of the roll350mm
6Standard height of the labelsbelow 130mm
7Maximum height of the labels200mm
8Weightabout 500kg
9Dimension (L×W×H)2000*1100*1420mm