Monoblock Filling Machine For Automatic Spray Liquid Filling Capping Machine For Spray Bottle Nasal Spray Liquid Filler

1. It driven by servo motor, more accuracy and more stable than cylinder driven, easy to adjust.

2. Construction of the machine body: Whole filling machine produced by SUS304, materials touched parts are SS 316L, Measure up to GMP standards;

3. Select PLC control system, touch screen operation panel can save multi-groups of datas;

4. Filling nozzles with anti-leaking function work for products that tend to string and drip;

5. Easy to operate, no bottle no filling, auto orientation detection;

Automatic Monoblock Filling And Capping Machine

Nasal Spray Filling and Capping Machine, Filling and Closing Machine for Nasal Spray, Pharmaceutical Liquid Filling Line, Auto Nasal Spray Filling & Capping Line

The nasal spray filling and capping machine in NPACK is developed basing on the former liquid filling and capping machinery. It is widely applied in the mass production of various liquids such as vaccine, and pharmaceutical liquid. Our nasal spray filler is suitable for dealing with all kinds of round bottles and special-shaped bottles. We have integrated the operations of filling, plugging, and capping together for it. Distinguished according to the processing techniques, NPACK automatic nasal spray filling equipment can be separated into 2 parts: the filling & stoppering part, and the capping part.

Filling Volume:10-500mlProduction Capacity:40-60 Bottles /min (variable According To The Filling Speed)
Measuring Deviation:≤±1%Power Supply:220V/380V, 50Hz
Dimension:2400×1200×1700 MmWeight:650kg

Automatic Monoblock Filling And Capping Machine


1. PLC control system, color touch screen display.

2. This machine has function of no bottle no filling (only peristaltic pump)/ no adding pump/ no adding outer cap (if has outer cap).

3. Stainless steel piston pump quantitative filling, pneumatic adding cap, elevating screw capping. Has advantages of accurate filling measurement, smooth screw capping, and simple operation.

4. Cap positioning device, make sure nozzle plastic pipe which is too long or bending could go to bottleneck accurately.

5. Filling nozzle dive into bottle to fill and rise slowly to prevent foaming. Catch type flexible screw lid/head, adjustable tightness.

6. Main electrical elements adopts foreign well-known brand.

7. Machine body is made by 304 stainless steel, machine is full compliance with GMP requirements.

Automatic Monoblock Filling And Capping Machine

Technical Parameters

Filling volume:10-500ml
Production capacity:40-60 bottles /min (variable according to the filling speed)
Measuring deviation:≤±1%
Power supply:220V/380V, 50Hz
Dimension:2400×1200×1700 mm


It is widely used for essential oil, syrup, oral liquid, among other liquid products, This machine is mainly used for perfume ,disinfectant ,repellent liquid ,jelly water,rhinitis spirit ,athlete’s foot doctor,burn spray,watermelon frost sprays and other products of automatic filling and capping .