Detailed Product Description

Applicable Bottle Size:ф40-100mmThe Measurement Precision:±1%
Filling Capacity:100ml-1000mlProduction Capacity:2500-1500
Air Pressure:0.6-0.8MPATotal Rate:4.5kw

PLC 8 Head Nozzle Automatic Linear Servo Driven Pump Filling Machine For Baby Food Piston Paste Filling Machine

Baby Food Piston Paste Filling Machine Application

This is a 12 heads linear piston filling machine, especially designed for viscous daily chemical products such detergent shampoo, body lotion, shower gel and so on. Controlled by PLC and touch screen control panel. Accurate measuring, advanced structure, stable operation, and low noise, widely adjusting range and fast filling speed.
1. Adopts advanced mechanical and electrical integration technology. Any filling specification can easily be done by changing parameters in touch screen. Not only the filling volume of 12 filling heads can be changed substantially, but also each filling head volume can be changed finely.
2. With PLC technologies, which make operation of machine steadier, convenient, the human machine interface is friendlier. Photoelectric sensor, approaching switch and other elements are using international famous brand. No bottle no filling, the machine can stop automatically and alarm when bottles get blocked.
3. Various sealing rings used can meet different characteristics of products requirements.
4. Designing and production meet GMP. Easily dismantle, clean and maintain. The parts which contact filling products are made of high quality stainless steel. The machine is safe, environmental, sanitary, adapting to various kinds of working places.
5. The material which contacts liquid will be made of SS304.
6. This machine has the function of “automatic cleaning system” in PLC, can be operated by touch screen.


This type of piston filler is best suited for viscous products that are paste, semi paste, or chunky with large particlates. These piston fillers are built to meet food grade standards and can also handle various chemical applications.

Heavy sauces, salsas, salad dressings, cosmetic creams, heavy shampoo, gels, and conditioners, paste cleaners and waxes, adhesives, heavy oils and lubricants.

This lower cost conventional technology is easy to understand for most users. Fast fill rates are achievable with fairly thick products. Warning: this technology is nearly obsolete with the advent of servo positive displacement fillers.

Machine Parts

1. Filling nozzle:
(1) Specification adjustment can be achieved without tool;
(2) The filling pipes are all adopt fast loading clamp, easy to dismantle and maintain.
(3) No dripping.
Main Features

(1) The position of adjustment are all carved scale or equipped with digital display, easy to adjust;

Machine Parts

Part of filling hopper:
(1) The connector is all adopt fast loading clamp type, easily dismantle, clean and maintain.
(2) All pipe joints are installed a drip tight gasket, for avoiding liquid drip, ensured a long-term service life and won’t penetrate.
(3) Designing and production meet GMP. Easily dismantle, clean and maintain.

Main Features

Piston fall off piston cylinder
For the difficulty of cleaning piston cylinder and changing sealing ring, our company designed a new filling machine which adopt fully automatic cleaning system, before clean or replace material, through man-machine interface operation, the piston can automatically fall off and return the piston cylinder, then the rest material will flow into recycling platform by gravity, save the time of manual cleaning.

Configuration of Baby Food Piston Paste Filling Machine

1Touch screenTaiwanWEINVEIW
3Photo sensor for bottlesJapanOPTEX
4solenoid valveTaiwanSHAKO
6angle seat ValveJointedBURKERT
7Other divicesTaiwanAirtac
8Power buttonFranceSchneider
10frequency converterFranceSchneider
11bottle- transport motorChinaHuangyan
12Speed reducerChinaJiao xing

After-sales Service:
(1) Under stable voltage, the machines' quality that we sold will be guaranteed for 1 year
(2) Long time technology will be supplied.
(3) We can dispatch our engineer to your side for installing and debugging machines. Engineer's round-trip tickets, accommodation, and your side traveling fee will be charged by you. Engineer's salary will be USD60.00/day/person.
We can also supply training process for your engineers who come to china, so you can fit and debug machines by yourself.