Bottle Filling Machine Application

This machine meet GMP standard. The product is suitable for filling various ointment, liquid of daily, pharmaceutical,food etc.
This product suitable for filling ointment liquid and viscosity materials, High speed tracking bottles filled automatic system  . For manufacturing , pneumatic componente are mostly adopts imported parts . such as pneumatic components using FESTO.

Automatic High Viscosity Liquid Filling Machine Hot Liquid Filling Machine

It is directry connect with the products storage tank, without hopper. The cylinder boby adopts the high quality stainless steel, the piston is made of polyterafluoroethylene, the cylinder connecting part is connected with fast. Convenient dismounting and cleaning . Its principe is of work is adopted the air compressor and air driven piston to complete the suction.

Bottle Filling Machine Main System

Material cylinder (SUS304 OR SUS316L) Pneumatic control ,metering system ,high speed tracking bottle filling system etc ( you can install the heating system and mixing system depend on your requirement .)

Bottle Filling Machine Technical Parameters

filling volumeFilling precisionAir consumptionFilling precisionproductivity
(The parameters are for reference only,the product depend on actual items.)

Automatic High Viscosity Liquid Filling Machine Hot Liquid Filling Machine

Bottle Filling Machine Services

Warranty time: one year, from the date which the product is qualified commissioning. Any damage except the wrong operation during warranty period is repaired freely. But the travel and hotel expenses should be count on buyer.

Commissioning services: the product's installation and commissioning at the demand side, our engineers will not leave there untill get your agreement.

Training services: our engineers will train your staff to operate it during the period of installation and commissioning, and they will not leave there until your staff can operate it properly and normally.

Maintenance services: any malfunction happened, once you enquiry us, we will reply you within 48 hours except the special reasons.

Lifelong services: we provide lifelong services for all the products we sold out, and supply the spare parts with discount price.

Certificate services: we can provide related certificates to customers freely according to the request of customers.

Inspection services: you can ask the third part inspection company or your inspector to inspect the products before shipment.

The file: the Manual Specification, report of the material which used to the equipment and others documents related to the GMP authentication information will be provided by us.