Automatic hand gel liquid filling machine hair gel filling machine

Product Features

  • 1. The machine concept of the machine was specifically designed for bottling in a hygienic environment;
  • 2. Adopts the free-standing transfer wheels, there are much less exterior surfaces on the fillers than on conventional systems;
  • 3. This innovative design has also the effect of the machine being very easily accessible for maintenance purposes and that it can be expanded at any time without conversion, for example with an additional cap feeder;
  • 4. The OMRON PLC system offers the ideal solution for conductive non-carbonated fill products, as the fill quantity is measured precisely by an inductive flow meter;
  • 5. All filling process steps can be programmed easily and individually-adjusted to the product to be filled and to the container.
  • 6. With all variants of the JGZ series for non-carbonated products, the containers are conveyed through the machine by means of neck-handling. This, as well as fill quantity determination via inductive flow meter (IDM) guarantee high flexibility and short change-over times;
  • 7. Depending on the pitch circle, a central or a tubular ring bowl is employed;
  • 8. Product feed pipes connect the product tank with the filling valves. In each connecting pipe, there is an inductive flow meter which measures the quantity of the product flowing through the pipes via the product's conductivity;
  • 9. The filling process begins after centring of the container and is effected by the free-jet method;
  • 10. In order to be able to cope with the different bottles and products to be filled, one or two filling speeds are available. Non-carbonated beverages are filled pressureless in multi-chamber operation;
  • 11. Once the preprogrammed amount of liquid has flown into the container, a flow meter signal will trigger closing of the valve;
  • 12. The fill parameters and programmes are stored in the controller making quick change-overs via touch-screen.

Automatic Hand Gel Filling Machine Hair Gel Filling MachineAutomatic Hand Gel Filling Machine Hair Gel Filling MachineAutomatic Hand Gel Filling Machine Hair Gel Filling Machine

Competitive Advantage

1. Flexibility

Change-over to other products or filling temperatures is done quickly, easily, and it is reproducible.

2. Short change-over times

Very short change-over times made possible via neck-handling parts and changes of the filling volume via touch-screen selection or easy filling programme selection.

3. Hygienic bottling conditions

Minimised surfaces on the filler's exterior thanks to freestanding transfer starwheels. Mechanical drive units such as gears and joint shafts have been replaced by closed servo drives.

4. Easy maintenance

This machine is well accessible so that all maintenance and service jobs can be performed easily.

5. Future viability

The design of the filler enables retrofitting of another capper or the creation of a Bloc with rinser,blow moulder, or labeller.

Piston Filling Machine Details 3

Aluminium/plastic tube filling and sealing machine

Automatic tube filling and sealing machine is designed and manufactured according to the latest developed foreign advanced technology and the actual situation of China. All parts contacted with material are made of   stainless steel, this machine is special for aluminium/plastic tube filling and sealing, automatic filling tubes can be done automatically sealing and output, the maximum operating speed of 40 pic/ min, frequency control. Filling accuracy is 1%.


The machine sealing part: aluminum side after three or five fold, coding, automatic code print. In order to avoid leakage, we adopts Japanese import sealing ring for this machine. The whole machine has advanced structure, advanced configuration, convenient operation, convenient maintenance, easy to clean, and so on. In addition, the cam is located in the table to facilitate the replacement of aluminum species.


  • Power supply:Single phase 220V±10% 50HZ( customizable)
  • Filling range:10-75ml20-150ml
  • Accuracy:≤+/-1%
  • Motor power:2.2kw
  • Tube diameter: Φ10-50mm
  • Capacity:30-40 pic/min( adjustable )
  • Compressed air:pressure 0.6-0.7mpa
  • Dimensions: 1100*600*1300mm
  • Weight: 230kg


  • Tube feeding system:slanting hanging type automatic tube feeding tank (automatic type)
  • Saddle-shaped tube sealing device  (automatic type)
  • Jacket type insulation hopper
  • Mixing system for hopper
  • Automatic material feeding system(pump) (automatic type)
  • Final product transport device  (automatic type)