Detailed Product Description
Suitable Bottle:Round Bottle :Height :80-280mmCapacity (bottle/hour):200ml:5000
Precise:≤100ml:+ -1.5mlPower Source:220V;50HZ

Automatic 100-5000ML Insecticide Filling Machine For 12 Filling Nozzles Gravity Filling Machine

Major characteristics:

This machine is controlled by computer (PLC),touch screen control panel . It is charactered by long service life element ,easy maintaining ,stable and reliable ,easy operating ,metering accurate and fast .
All the parts which contact with the filling material are made of stainless steel. The surface is polished . It has polished . It has nice appearance ,(in addition ,it may add full close equipment )
This machine also meets to GMPstandard requirement .

Technical parameters of inline filling machine

TypeHeadsSuitable bottleCapacity (bottle/hour)PreciseSize of machine (mm)Power (KW)Power sourceAir sourceNote
SLF-2020Round bottle :Height :80-280mm
Diameter :∅40-100mm
Height :80-280mm
Width :40-80mm
Length :80-120mm
200ml:8000≤100ml:+ -1.5ml
100-500ml:+ -2ml
500-1000ml:+ -3ml

After-sales Service:
(1) Under stable voltage, the machines' quality that we sold will be guaranteed for 1 year
(2) Long time technology will be supplied.
(3) We can dispatch our engineer to your side for installing and debugging machines. Engineer's round-trip tickets, accommodation, and your side traveling fee will be charged by you. Engineer's salary will be USD60.00/day/person.
We can also supply training process for your engineers who come to china, so you can fit and debug machines by yourself.