In NPACK, we provide different kinds of bottle filling machines, below we are glad to introduce some of our bottle filling machines for your reference.

Cream filler, Ketchup filler, Shampoo filler, Lotion filler, Ointment filler, Essential Oil filler, Honey filler, Toothpaste filler

Automatic Four Heads Gear Pump Filling Machine


  • The digi-filler uses a gear pump concept as a metering device to fill correct amounts.
  • The volume and the speed of filling, as well as the time between fillings, can be programmed easily from the LED control panel.
  • All parts in contact with filling material are made of corrosion resistant material to meet cGMP standard.
  • 20 different filling data can be stored in the system´s memory.
  • Variable filling speeds for the user to choose from.
  • Capable of filling containers ranging in size between 10 ml and 10,000 ml.
  • One conveyor can work with a maximum of 8 gear- pump filling units.

Piston Filling Machine Details


Filling volume: 10 - 10000ml
Filling accuracy in between 99 - 99.5%
Filling speed for 2 gear pumps online: 100 ml 35 fills/min, 1000 ml 18 fills/min.
Filling speed for 4 gear pumps online: 100 ml 45 fills/min, 1000ml 26 fills/min.
Filling speed for 6 gear pumps online: 100 ml 60 fills/min, 1000ml 40 fills/min.
Filling speed for 8 gear pumps online: 100 ml 80 fills/min, 1000ml 55 fills/min.
Power supply: 200V 1 phase 50Hz or 110V 1 phase 60Hz.
Dimension: 2400 * 800 * 1300 mm(online).

Gear Pump Liquid and Cream Filler

Recommended products for this machine
Water, fruit juices & extracts, liquid tea, liquid coffee, food coloring, vegetable oil, milk, tomato juice, some salad dressings, perfumes, essential oils, ink, thin liquid soap, shampoo's, light makeup remover, motor oil, urethane, silicone, urine, alcohol, and many more.

Automatic Eight Nozzles Bottle Filling Machine for Tomato Sauce/Salad Sauce

1). Feature
The automatic piston filling machine is the most reliable, accurate and cost-effective liquid and paste filling machine on the market today. It can accommodate liquids, as well as creamier substances such as shampoo, hot sauce, oil lubricants, cosmetic creams, etc. Our line of automatic fillers includes fillers with 2, 4, 6 and 8 nozzles and makes use of the latest advances in cylinder and servo motor technology to ensure the highest quality and precision.

Piston Filling Machine

Filling range: 5-60 ml, 25-126 ml, 50-250 ml, 75-500 ml, 100-1000 ml, 500-2500 ml and 1000-5000 ml.
Air pressure: 0.4 - 0.6 Mpa.
Power: 500 W to 2.0 KW.
Capacity: 4 - 45 bottles/min.
Voltage: 220v 1phase or 110v 1phase.
Dimension: 2400 * 1550 * 1750 mm.
Weight: 500 - 900 kg.

Recommended products for this machine

Tomato sauces, salad sauces, condiments, condensed milk, honey, toothpaste, ointment, lotion, shampoo, shoe polish, resin, cream, paint, ink, and many more.

3-in-1 filling machine

The machine is combined with rinsing, filling and capping, which special designed for PET bottled still water. It is stable characteristic, advanced technology, nice appearance and complete function.

Technical parameter:

Number of Working PositionRinser 18, Filler 18, Capper 6
Rated Capacity6000BPH(0.5L)
Filling MethodGravity Filling
Applicable BottlePET Bottle, Diameter 50-97mm, Height 150-320mm
Air Supply Pressure0.7 MPa
Air Consumption0.3M3/min
Rinsing Water Pressure0.2-0.25 MPa
Rinsing Water Consumption2.0 Tons/Hour
Installed Power3.37 KW
Dimensions2500mm×2000mm×2700mm (L×W×H)
Machine Weight4500Kg

Our Advantages

1. Our company has many experienced and professional designers who can provide customized designs of machines for your products according to your requirements.

2. Our professional workers are with at least five years of machine production experience, who help to manufacture high quality of machines for your products.

3. Also, we have professional engineers who ensures correct manufacturing for the machines according to designs and if the customer needs, they will provide professional after sales service.

4. We carry out careful inspection and running and debugging for each machine before they are delivered to the customers, to ensure we maintain the highest customer satisfaction of the machine. Therefore, our company enjoys high level of business credit among our customers in the industry for our high quality of machines delivered.

5. Also, we provide excellent after sales service for each customer whenever the customer has any question with the machine. And even after they have bought the machines for many years, we still provide necessary help for the machine to run normally.

6. If the client needs customized design of machines for your products, please kindly inform us your material viscosity, power voltage, the speed you require, the size of your vessels, etc. We sincerely welcome your inquiry and visit.