Detailed Product Description
Filling Head:12Filling Volume:50-100ml (the Fill Arrange Max Can Be Small Volume : Max Volume =1:10)
Filling Type:PistonFilling Speed:3000-4500bph
Conveyor Speed:5-15meter/minSize:2000mm × 1300mm × 2200mm

12 Head Nozzle 250ml-5000ml Oil Filling Machine For Filling Edible , Lube oil , Lubricant oil With Servo Pump Filler

How It Works:
The filler’s master computer independently tracks the rotation of each pump head so that it knows precisely how much product has been delivered. When the target fill volume is reached, each pump and nozzle is instantly shut off, resulting in high accuracy fills of your valuable products. The computer stores all fill parameters in memory for fast changeovers.

This is the flagship filler of our company and the industry in general. It is extremely flexible and designed to fill almost any product in any fill volume. Even 55 gallon drums can be filled.

The servo filler is found in all industries from pharmaceutical, cosmetic, dairy, chemical, food, etc. Both thin and thick products, and also very large particulates can all be filled on this machine. Cosmetic creams as well as thick, chunky sauces at pasteurized temperatures can all be filled.

Fill size changeovers are practically infinite and are instantaneous by computer control. Operator setup is greatly simplified. The design also lends itself very well to sanitary applications due to the ease of automatic cleaning.

Main Features

◆ Servo motor driving to ensure high precision.

◆ Control system - with PLC control system, filling dose is of random fine-tuning.
◆ Operation Interface - 6-inch color touch-style user interface, intuitive and simple, safe and reliable
◆ Feature Enhancements - Cutting with anti-drip device, it can dive to fill with functional properties of materials. (This feature can be optional)
◆ Electrical components - using internationally renowned brands to ensure that equipment’s reliability and high accuracy;
◆ Mechanical components - the contact parts are made of high quality stainless steel 316 and non-toxic corrosion and PTFE hoses. Other machine parts are made of high quality stainless steel 304.
◆ Count testing - real-time count, reflecting on the work output directly.
◆ Filling Detection - No bottle, or when bottles are not enough, no filling.
◆ Maintenance situations - the machine meets the GMP requirements, easy to disassemble, clean and maintain.
◆ Exchange standard – when changing filling specifications, you only need some simple adjusting to make it.
◆ Environmental protection configuration – the environmental framework in the machine makes operating environment more hygienic. (The environmental protection configuration can be optional).


Filling head12
Filling volume50-100ml (the fill arrange max can be small volume : max volume =1:10)
Filling typePiston
Filling speed3000-4500bph
Filling accuracy+/-1%
Conveyor speed5-15meter/min
size2000mm × 1300mm × 2200mm
Belt3m steel chain, (steel piece)
Conveyor height750±20(mm)
Machine power500W/220V single phase
ControllerPLC+ touch screen
Air source0.55Mpa-0.65Mpa
Conveyer length3.5 Meters
Diameter of the bottle50mm-110mm

After-sales Service:
(1) Under stable voltage, the machines' quality that we sold will be guaranteed for 1 year
(2) Long time technology will be supplied.
(3) We can dispatch our engineer to your side for installing and debugging machines. Engineer's round-trip tickets, accommodation, and your side traveling fee will be charged by you. Engineer's salary will be USD60.00/day/person.
We can also supply training process for your engineers who come to china, so you can fit and debug machines by yourself.