Detailed Product Description
Filling Capacity (ML):500-5000mlFilling Velocity (BPM):10-25 Bottles Per Minute
Power Supply (VAC):220V/380VMotor Power (KW):2.2
Gas Consumption (MIN):4KGS×30LITEROutline Dimension (mm):Outline Dimension (mm)

China Automatic Edible Oil Filling Machine line manufacturer

Main Features

1. Touch screen operation interface;
2. Up and down movement type filling, effectively prevent the foam from being
produced, easy to take apart and wash;
3. The illing accuracy can reach +/-1%;
4. The flling cylinder is ground, unique flling valve design, no leakage;
5. With no bottle no flling and automatic bottle stop function;
6. Design different positioning devices according to the actual situation of the
7. The equipment is easy to clean, can be disassemble without tools, it can also be
cleaned online or high temperature sterilization;
8. PLC programmable control use Japan Mitsubishi;
9. Frequency converter adopts France Schneider;
10. Pneumatic components adopt Taiwan Airtac;
11. Material contact parts are made of SUS304# stainless steel;
12. The equipment meets the hygiene and safety standards. The user can choose the glass protective cover.

Filling capacity (ML)
Filling velocity (BPM)
10-25 Bottles per minute
Power supply (VAC)
Motor power (KW)
Gas consumption (MIN)
Outline dimension (mm)

Filling Line Details

This automatic edible oil filling line comes with everything you need to get your liquid sweetener bottling line up and running. It is designed to bottle 50 bottles per minute. Start your project today by clicking request a quote below!

  • Line Name: Automatic edible oil filling line
  • Automation: Automatic
  • Filling volume:500-5000ml
  • Bottles Per Minute: 20-50

Machines Included:

  • Automatic Bottle Unscrambler
  • Automatic 8 Head Servo Filling Machine
  • Automatic Linear Capping Machine
  • Vertical Self-Adhesive Round Bottle Labeling Machine

Bottle Working Table Rolling Type

adopts the principle of plunger quantitative filling, into the bottle, positioning, filling, the bottles are automatically controlled by the PLC, in accordance with the GMP standard. Suitable for medical, food, daily chemical, pesticide and fine chemical liquid filling.