Detailed Product Description


Automatic Sticker Square Bottle Labeling Machine For Square Bottle Virgin Olive Oil With PLC Control Up to 20-120 BPM

Basic using

It’s one of the side labeling machine, be suitable for flat, round,square bottle labeling on single side, and both side like shampoo flat bottle, lubricating oil flat bottle,liquid soap round bottle and so on. Automatic labeling, improve producing efficiency, widely be used in cosmetics, petrochemical, medicine ect.

Product feature

1 strong function, one machine can label on one side or both side of 4 different product(which are round bottle,flat,square,not normal bottles)
2 Adopting plastic stepper guide chain which is more strong on both side, to keep bottle come in the center place to help workers to settle difficult when they put bottles on assembly line, can solely work and can work connect with assembly line.
3 Setting up with spring top pressing mechanism to be sure smooth transfer and can cancel tolerance of height of bottles.
4 Setting up automatic bottle subdivide mechanism, apart the place of bottles before guide it to keep the stability of guiding,transmission and labeling
5 Setting up label double covering mechanism, for the first time to keep labeling accurate and the second to squeeze label for canceling air bubble and promising tight sticking on head and tail of label
6 Intelligent control,Automatic photoelectric tracing, no label for when product didn’t come, automatic correct, automatic testing, can avoid leaking and wasting.
7 The main material of equipment are stainless steel and high grade aluminum alloy, comply with the GMP principle, have strong construction and attractive looking.
8 Adjustment easy, adjustable seat with 6 degree of freedom, simply change between different products, can save time

Technical Parameter

ModelSTL-120 Square Bottles Labeling Machine
Standard label speed(m/min)≤50
Label Qty1 or 2pcs
Label accuracy±1mm error
Applicable label specificationGlassine paper, transparent or opaque
Dimension(mm)3000(L) × 1450(W) × 1680(H) (mm)
Label roll(inside)(mm)76mm
Label roll(outside)(mm)φ300mm
Voltage220V/380V ,50/60HZ,single/three phase
Relative temperature0 ~ 50 ℃
2Frequency changerDANFOSS1
3Touch screenWEINVIEW1
4Servo labeling motorDELTA2
5Servo labeling motor drivesDELTA2
6Conveyor motorDWG1
7Conveyor belt motor gear boxDWG1
8Separating bottle motorGPG2
9Separating bottle motor gear boxGPG2
10Electric eye for checking bottlesOMRON1
12Label detection electric eyeLEUZE2
13Label stock electric eyeOMRON2