This machine is suitable for the filling of materials with different degrees of viscosity, widely used in daily chemical, food, lubricating oil, agrochemical and other industries. It can be matched with capping machine, labeling machine and other equipment to form a production line.

This series oil filling machine can be applied to oil realm such as edible oil,lubricating oil and agrochemicals etc. equipment for filling speed speed filling, the filling speed can be adjusted, to prevent overflow bottle phenomenon. It can be equipped with different straight-line-filling heads according to the requirement of clients,which meets the requirement of GMP.

1l-5l 4 Heads Piston Lubricating Oil Electric Automatic Liquid Filling Machine for Bottle

1. Accurate measurement: servo control system is adopted to ensure that the piston stroke reaches high precision.

2. Variable speed filling: in the filling process, when close to the target filling capacity, variable speed filling can be applied to achieve a slow filling to prevent the liquid from spilling out of the bottle and causing pollution.

3. Easy to adjust: filling specifications can be changed only by changing the parameters on the touch screen, and all filling heads are changed into place at one time.

4. Easy to clean and maintenance: the whole machine adopts anti-leakage treatment, the cylinder tube and pipeline are connected by quick assembly, and the servo de-cylinder system is adopted, which is conwenient and fast for cleaning and maintenance.

5. Memory function:if a certain specification can be stored in the touch screen after debugging, the next time you use this specification, you can call up the confirmation on the touch screen.

1l-5l 4 Heads Piston Lubricating Oil Electric Automatic Liquid Filling Machine for Bottle

Main Technical Parameter:

Contral systemPLC and touch screen
Filing precison±1%
Power Supply220V/380V 50/60Hz
Filling speed30-100 bottles per min
Dosing systempiston pump
Filling nozzle2/4/6/8/12(customized)
Filling capacity100-5000ml
Air supplier0.6-0.8MPa

Piston filling machine is suitable for filling a liquid and motor oil products, especially for high viscosity materials, the effect is obvious.The machine is fully automatic in-line pressure filling machine. Mainly used for pesticide and chemical agent, liquid bottle, packaging, containers can be applied to different type of. It can be used with capping machine, labeling machine and a complete production line. It integrates light, machine, electricity and gas in one. By controlling the filling time to realize the measurement of different filling, the filling time can be precisely controlled to one percent seconds. The filling process was under the control of a PLC program on the touch screen to complete. It's a filling machine with convenient operation.