Automatic 10ml-100ml E-liquid Bottle Filling Capping Machine With Piston Pump E-Smoke E-Cigarette Oil Filling Mchine

Working Principle

Prepare adequate bottles, inner plug, outer caps and fluids; the track of oscillation hopper should be filled with inner plugs and outer caps, and located at outside capping station. Bottles are supplied by bottle machine or manually, transferred by conveyor belt; bottles transferred by conveyor belt should be transferred by in-bottle driver plate to positioning round plate. Two bottles are pulled into to each revolution of in-bottle driver plate; and then, the bottles are transferred by positioning round plate intermittently to filling, stoppering, hanging and capping stations.

Production Capacity:60~90bottles/minApplication Bottles:5 Ml --30ml Round Plastic Bottles
Filling Way:Peristaltic Pump FillingStoppering Rate:≥99%
Stoppering Heads:DoubleCapping Rate:≥98%

Main Features

1) Simple structure ,easy in installation and maintation.

2) Adopting advanced world famous brand components in pneumatic parts ,electric parts and operation parts.

3) Automatic stop function, if there is no filling, no inner plug in any rail, it may stop automatically

4) The part which touches the liquid medicine is made of 316 or 304 stainless material completely, meets GMP standard.

5) Microcomputer setting, PLC control, touch screen operation, easy to operate with stable performance.

10ml-100ml E-liquid Bottle Filling And Capping Machine With Piston Pump

Machine Parts

Name: Filling Nozzles

We can adopt metering systems from piston to peristaltic.It is up to viscosity of E liquid.

Name: Plugging

This part use manipulator to get plugger and place into a bottle.then the manipulator suck a cap and put into the bottle.

Name: Capping Head

When the bottle go to this station,capping head will screw it automatically.

Name: Vibrating bowl

These bowls are customized according customer's plugger and also caps.

10ml-100ml E-liquid Bottle Filling And Capping Machine With Piston Pump

Main Technical Parameters

Production capacity:60~90bottles/min
Application bottles:5 ml --30ml round plastic bottles
Filling way:peristaltic pump filling
Filling head:double
Measure accuracy:±0.5-1%(peristaltic pump)
Stoppering rate:≥99%
Stoppering heads:double
Capping rate:≥98%
Capping heads:double
Total power:220V 50HZ
Air supply:0.3~04kfg/cm2
Air consumption:15~20m3/h